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JUDr. Hrádela’s Our Law Firm provides services within the entire scope of the Czech legal system and supplies all kinds of services related to law (company formation, drafting contracts, comprehensive legal analyses of particular issues, representation in courts or other authorities in both civil and criminal cases). Special attention is paid to strategic legal consultancy. The Law Firm is focused mainly on the supply of services to the business sector. It participated in the activities of a great number of clients. Joint stock companies represent a significant part of the Law Firm’s client portfolio.

The Law Firm has conducted thousands of legal court disputes and arbitrations. However, in spite of this practice, the Law firm prefers especially preventing the clients’ disputes. This system is not only advantageous for the clients, in the end it is advantageous for the Law Firm as well, according to the rule that the client is satisfied with his/her consultant in case the consultant assists him/her in eliminating the majority of the problems and disputes before they arise. This rule is an application of a thousand-year-old Chinese principle that a content man pays his doctor for being healthy, not for curing his illnesses. The Law Firm therefore strives to ensure that in case of long-term clients, the client's “illness”, i.e. an eventual problem, needs to be solved only in extraordinary cases. However, if the problem already occurs, the Law Firm strives for resolution thereof. The Law Firm bases its strategy on a comprehensive evaluation of the client’s aims and his/her business activity, taking into consideration the present situation. The Law Firm also presents alternative suggestions of resolution of the situation so that the client could choose himself/herself which strategy he or she wants to opt for, having considered the legal, economic and eventually also political features of the said case. Members of the Law Firm are aware of the fact that even though the solution of the client's needs requires high professional level and knowledge of legal regulations, the solution of the case always needs to reflect all, especially the economic needs of the client. Contentious litigation is not always the most economical. Sometimes even success in the dispute could have negative total consequences for the client.

In order to prevent complications, especially in the case of long-term clients supply a steady monthly inflow of work to the Law Firm, the Law Firm strives to prevent negative effects. The Law Firm assists in drafting sample documents, performs analyses of activity and contracts, provides training for the client's employees etc., in order to reduce the number of potential disputes to minimum.

Apart from usual legal services for entrepreneurs, extraordinary attention is paid to drafting expert legal opinions from various fields of expertise.

Both attorney and tax regulations prescribe the obligation of confidentiality to every attorney and tax consultant, as well as their employees. Therefore we do not list the names of our clients, neither descriptions of their cases. Should our potential client be interested in references, we are ready to enable him to contact former clients of the Law Firm whose case handled by the Law Firm was similar, after the former clients give their consent thereto.

The Law Firm provides services even to persons outside of the business sector in spite of the fact that with the exception of criminal, labour and real estates law, the nature of the activities and the legal services is somewhat different.

Contract Law:

- both in the commercial and civil law area (both between entrepreneurs and citizens)
- drafting all kinds of commercial and civil law contracts

Commercial Disputes:

- assessment and analysis of a dispute
- drafting lawsuits and representation in court and arbitrary proceeding

Companies Law:

- companies formation, transfer of shares and business shares, mergers, divisions, transfers of capital and other corporate changes in the company, liquidation
- due diligence and due diligence reports, acquisition documentation
- post-closing steps (steps following the acquisition of shares/business of the target company itself)
- Companies Register including performance of notification obligations in connection with acquisition or conversion of a company
- relations between the members of a company, companies and their representatives
- negotiating contract documents with the counterparties and the banks providing financing

Bankruptcy and Composition:

- legal consultancy provided to bankruptcy trustees
- representation of creditors in bankruptcy proceedings including performance of the tasks of the creditors' representative or member of the creditors' committee

Law of Negotiable Instruments:

- transactions with negotiable instruments
- drafting contracts on securing transactions with promissory notes
- enforcement of claims arising from negotiable instruments
- objections proceedings

Civil Law:

- consultancy in civil law issues
- drafting and assessment of civil law contracts
- out-of-court settlement of disputes and settlement agreements
- drafting and filing lawsuits
- representation in courts

Unfair Competition and Law of Advertising:

- review and analysis of an entrepreneur's conduct from the unfair competition perspective
- representation and defence of the client's interests in relation to the counterparty

Real Estates:

- drafting contracts and securing transfers of real estates
- representation in relation to the Real Estates Cadastre

Intellectual Property Law and Protection of Privacy:

- trademarks, patents and industrial and utility designs including registration, transfer and motion for cancellation
- violation of trademark and patent rights, industrial and utility design rights
- copyright law
- protection of privacy, Press Act, radio and television broadcasting

Labour Law:

- consultancy in the employee - employer relations including reviews and comprehensive drafting of all labour law documents, employment contracts, service contracts. work contracts, internal guidelines, internal documents - working regulations, agreements, notices of employment termination and other documents concerning termination of employment relationship, material responsibility agreements)
- issues concerning wages, bonuses, dealing with issues concerning various employee premiums, security and health protection at work, contracts and cooperation with trade unions

Compensation of Damage:

- in all fields

Administrative Law:

- drafting motions and proposals submitted to administrative authorities
- representation in administrative proceedings

Tax Law:

- consultancy in tax issues
- representation before tax authorities

Criminal Law:

- defence in criminal proceedings
- representation of aggrieved parties

Family Law:

- divorce and representation in the divorce proceedings
- property of the spouses:
reduction of the joint property of spouses
distribution of the joint property between the spouses
pre-marital contracts

Dispute Resolution:

- out-of-court, court and arbitration resolution of all disputes with the aim of their speedy non-contractual resolution.

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